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What are the advantages of panel radiators

What are the advantages of panel radiators

What are the advantages of panel radiators

Advantages of panel radiators:

1. High efficiency:

Due to their smooth and uniform surface, panel radiators have a better heat exchange with the environment and transfer more heat to the space.
These radiators heat up quickly and can quickly bring the ambient temperature to the desired level.
High efficiency and low energy loss of panel radiators lead to energy savings and heating costs.

2. Easy installation:

Panel radiators are easy to install due to their light weight and simple design.
No special skills are required to install these radiators and they can be installed in a DIY (do it yourself) way.
Variety in the size and model of panel radiators makes it easy to choose and install them in different spaces.

3. Beauty and elegance:

Panel radiators have a more modern and beautiful appearance compared to bladed radiators.
Variety in color and design of panel radiators allows choosing a radiator suitable for interior decoration.
The smooth and polished surface of panel radiators makes them easy to clean.

4. High lifespan:

Panel radiators are made of high quality steel and are resistant to rust and corrosion.
The useful life of panel radiators is more than 20 years if used and maintained correctly.
Warranty and after-sales service will ease your mind about the quality and longevity of panel radiators.

5. Compatibility with all types of heating systems:

Panel radiators are compatible with a variety of heating systems, including wall packages, motorhomes and solar systems.
Panel radiators can also be used in underfloor heating systems.

6. Safety and health:

Panel radiators do not have sharp edges and are safe for children and the elderly.
The smooth surface of panel radiators minimizes the accumulation of dust and pollution and is suitable for people with allergies.
Panel radiators do not emit gas or unpleasant odors when heated.

7. Reasonable price:

The price of panel radiators is more economical compared to finned aluminum radiators.
Due to their high efficiency and long life, panel radiators are economical in the long run.

8. Variation in size and model:

Panel radiators are produced in different sizes and models that can be used in different spaces with different sizes.
Panel radiators can be installed vertically and horizontally and can be installed under windows, walls or even inside furniture.

9. Temperature adjustment:

Panel radiators are equipped with thermostatic valves that allow the desired temperature to be set.
By adjusting the temperature of panel radiators, you can prevent excessive energy consumption and help preserve the environment.

10. Ease of cleaning:

The smooth and polished surface of panel radiators makes them easy to clean.
Panel radiators can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth or steam cleaner.

All in all, panel radiators have several advantages that make them a suitable option for home and workplace heating.

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